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For years, a great deal of attention has been directed towards the fact that a gas braai has significant advantages over its coal or wood burning counterparts. Many types of gas are known to be cleaner than other forms of fossil fuel energy consumption, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of thousands of people as they go about their day producing light, heat or power. For preparing food, gas alternatives provide exceptional benefits including and beyond decreased CO2 emissions.


Employing gas to power your braai means far greater control over the entire process. One of the biggest problems with coal or wood burning braais is that they take a lot longer to produce enough heat for you to begin preparing your meal. Coals and wood need to burn until they’re white before you can begin and the only way to increase the heat is to add more coals. With an Easigas braai you simply turn a knob and you’re able to begin preparing your meal immediately.


Beyond this, managing the temperature of your braai is easy, which means that you have far more control over how your meal is cooked, enhancing the flavour and tenderness. Going with a gas braai means that you don’t have to stock and hoard unwieldy bags of coal or piles of wood which become sodden in the rain. It’s often very tedious to constantly go out and collect these things before you can begin your braai, but many of our gas canisters contain a high enough volume to last you for many months.


A gas braai is much safer for your children than the proximity of open flames which is another reason that more and more parents are taking this route. Beyond safety, convenience and environmental awareness, the simple value for money is an attractive argument for making the switch to the Easigas alternative. With a wide selection of quality options, Easigas supplies a clean, reliable product that can save you a lot of money in the long run.


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