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Easigas powered forklift trucks offer a number of benefits that include a reduction in your fuel costs as well as a reduction in maintenance needed on your equipment. It can do this and more for you thanks to the unique properties of Easigas LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).


LPG is a flammable gas that is stored in liquid form under pressure. It is used as a fuel for a number of purposes, including as a fuel for vehicles, heating appliances and stoves. It is more environmentally friendly than conventional gas fuels and the advantages of this manifest themselves in a variety of ways.


Your forklift motor will experience improved combustion as LPG reaches the engine in a gas form. This, coupled with its higher octane content, ensures a smoother running engine. The higher octane rating allows it to mix better with air – allowing for a much more complete burn. This clean burn generates less carbon as a by-product, meaning a cleaner engine as well as spark plugs and vehicle oil lasting longer. Easigas LPG burns in the gaseous phase and this reduces corrosion and wear on the inner workings of your engine.


LPG offers almost identical performance to that of more conventional fuels, but reduces your fuel cost by up to 50% depending on use. Forklifts powered by LPG can be used in almost any environment, ranging from warehouses, ship-holds, factories or wherever else required. LPG reduces the noise generated by engines and this means less noise in the work place.


Easigas has no additives and, because of this, it is essentially sulphur free – resulting in a very clean burning fuel that eliminates toxic emissions. This reduces your carbon footprint, which has significant advantages for the environment.

Easigas operates a national distribution network, allowing us to service your needs anywhere in South Africa. Our operation allows for the servicing of bulk users all the way through to individual needs for domestic uses. With all these benefits of using Easigas to power your forklift fleet, it seems the obvious choice is to convert as soon as possible.


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