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Easigas provides a powerful but clean solution to domestic heating systems, whether it’s for water or space purposes. In terms of space heating, Easigas provides instant heating which is steadily and conveniently increased to comfortable levels. Of all the fossil fuels gas is the cleanest for the global and domestic environment. Gas heaters are also known for being more energy efficient and therefore much cheaper to run, generating higher temperatures without consuming as much energy.


Few sensations are as enjoyable as walking out of a cold wintery day and into your warm cosy lounge, but a fireplace is messy and time consuming to maintain and electric heaters are increasingly expensive to run. Electricity prices in South Africa are wildly on the rise every few months and many people have felt powerless for alternatives that they could employ without simply turning off their space heaters. Easigas provides the ideal alternative with the controlled and stable price of gas and a quality product which won’t leave you in the cold.


The potent, reliable and safe Easigas product can be used in portable heaters which make providing warmth to specific locations a simple matter. As with any gas product, it’s still important to air the room of the gas as soon as you’re no longer using your heater. An excellent way to do this is to open a few windows once you’re finished in that room. Easigas comes in protective, durable cylinders which make storage and transportation safe and simple, and also ensure that filling up your heating unit is as convenient as flipping a switch.


Fight the cold in your home this year with a quality product that won’t cut uncomfortably into your household budget. Say goodbye to over inflated electricity prices and load shedding issues that leave you in the cold with the Easigas solution.

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