What is LPG / LPGas?


The terms LPG / LPGas are an abbreviation of "Liquefied Petroleum Gas". It is made up of Propane and Butane; 2 natural gases with highly similar properties. The small differences in their properties make each of them suitable for specific applications.

At standard temperature and pressure, LPGas is gaseous, but it changes to a liquid with moderate pressure or cooling.

About LPGas


LPGas is an efficient and portable energy source that has lower carbon emissions that is readily available to consumers around the world.

In liquid form, LPGas looks like water. Yet, because of its versatility, one litre of LPGas expands to 270 litres (about the volume of a bathtub), allowing large quantities to be transported in a compact container.

Globally, hundreds and millions of people depend on LPGas for energy solutions in industry, commercial business, cooking, heating, and water heating to name a few. LPGas provides instant heat, which makes it a very cost-effective energy solution.

Due to its efficiency as an energy source, LPGas has found a home in many households, commercial operations, industrial facilities, and operations. LPGas is used widely, and it is effective in reducing carbon emissions and dependency on other energies.


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