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Mining companies looking to save on energy costs and maintain the same level of productivity can look to liquefied petroleum gas (also known as LPG) as an alternative energy source. With an irregular supply and the rising cost of electricity, your organisation stands to lose out on many opportunities and may have to deal with downtime. Using


LPG will ensure that your business operations are not affected, as it is affordable and readily available through Easigas. We have positioned ourselves among the top suppliers of LPG nationwide, and have the capacity to provide large scale industries such as mining with this effective fuel, in large quantities.

LPG can be used in a great deal of applications within the mining sector. This includes the powering of smelting furnaces for materials such as chrome and vanadium.  With a high octane rating of 110, LPG mixes with oxygen at a better rate than other fossil based fuels which, in turn, allows it to burn faster, thereby producing more heat. It is easy to work with and safe when handled professionally.


Unlike coal, LPG does not emit soot or smell while burning, allowing you and your employees to work without any distractions. LPG is also easier to haul, compared to heavy fossil fuels such as coal, and takes less time to ignite. For safety reasons, LPG emits an odour that will help you and your employees identify possible leaks and rapidly take appropriate action. It does not pose any threat to your water supply, as it cannot contaminate it.


LPG is also ideal for powering cutting tools as it can be regulated in terms of increasing or decreasing its intensity. It even has applications in transport, and many hauliers are making the change to LPG for powering temperature regulation systems on their trucks. All these features and uses combine to make LPG one of the most versatile and cost effective energy sources for mining companies.


Be at the forefront of energy effective solutions with LPG from Easigas.


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