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LPGas is an exceptional energy with unique properties that make it usable in more than 1000 different applications across industrial, commercial and residential segments.

Domestic / Household Solution



Easigas is used for various applications in the home. Available in a variety of sizes, our LPGas cylinders are distributed through our widespread network of resellers in every province of South Africa, as well as in Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini. An approved LPGas installer must carry out the installation and maintenance of LPGas appliances.

LPGas in the home is used primarily for cooking, water heating and space heating and its portable nature makes it possible to use it in any location. Over time, LPGas appliances have grown in popularity coupled with an understanding that LPGas is a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly way to provide the home with reliable energy, not only during power outages but in everyday applications.

From the stove to the braai stand, to the geyser, to the heater, LPGas has a place in every room in your home, bringing the efficiency of this exceptional energy to you and your loved ones.

Cooking (Stoves)

Cooking with LPGas offers a range of benefits that would not be possible with other stoves. It provides better accuracy with setting the temperature as the heat is more controllable than gradual changes in other stoves. You also get immediate heat change when using an LPGas stove. The instant and controllable cooking flame that LPGas produces is what home makers and chefs are looking for to provide the flexibility and reliability kitchens require to operate smoothly.

When looking at options for a stove for the kitchen, an LPGas stove or LPGas oven may be the better option. LPGas stoves can be installed in any home, so don’t miss out if you do not have one, have it installed and get cooking!

Outdoor Usage (Braai)

LPGas is versatile and easy to transport. Moreover, its environmentally friendly characteristics make it an ideal fuel for recreational applications. Gas braais provide instant heat, so you can start braaing your meat and vegetables quicker than the standard braai stand. A gas braai produces a smaller amount of smoke, making it a win-win situation for you and for the environment.

South Africans love braais, so why not braai using a safe, cleaner, quicker to heat fuel.

Water heating (Geyser)

A gas geyser uses LPGas to heat up water in the tank. LPGas geysers may have a higher initial cost, but the operational cost of using it, make it a more economical option in the long term. Gas geysers heat up water faster than other models, and they are more efficient and environmentally friendly. An added bonus is that LPGas geysers don’t lose hot water during power blackouts, so you will never have to worry about taking cold showers.

Space heating (Heater)

LPGas has been a great fuel for heating residential homes for many years. It is flexible, available and has low emissions for indoor use. LPGas heating is one of the most popular uses of LPGas across the world. LPGas heaters offer short warm up time and almost immediate heating effect once they are turned on. Due to their portability, heaters can be placed and focused where needed, rather than having to heat entire indoor spaces. LPGas heaters are very beneficial because they are independent from the grid. They can be used in residential homes, schools, offices, restaurants, and many other kinds of closed spaces.

Connecting your cylinder

To replace your cylinder, simply follow the guide below:

  • Make sure that the appliance switch (cabinet heater, cooker etc.) is turned off.
  • Ensure that the valve of the empty/used cylinder is also turned off.
  • Disconnect the empty cylinder.
  • Please take note that the LPGas cylinder connection has a left-hand thread (screw the regulator anti-clockwise)
  • Make sure that the valve of the new cylinder is closed.
  • Remove the shrink wrap and the safety seal – connect it to the appliance.
  • Check that the pressure regulator is correctly connected to the flexible hose and ensure that the pipe is in good condition.
  • Open the valve of the new cylinder and check with a soapy water solution for possible leakage at all the connections (never use a flame).

Commercial / Industrial Solution



LPGas is used in numerous commercial and industrial applications and production processes and is consumed for various applications. It is utilised across a wide range of industrial processes and services, where high precision and flexibility in process temperatures, as well as an intense flame, are required.

From large mining, glass, forklift trucks, snack manufacturing, and automotive companies to restaurants, hotels, small independent professionals, and contractors, millions of businesses rely on LPGas as an energy source.

LPGas' availability and versatility allow businesses in all corners of the world to develop using an environmentally friendly and safe energy source.

Its versatile nature as a fuel is ideal for numerous industrial applications and production processes. These include space, process and water heating, metal processing, food production, petrochemical production, and powering industrial ovens, kilns, and furnaces. It has unique properties that make it exceptional for commercial and Industrial businesses, whether used in powering commercial kitchens or burners and flamers.

LPGas a higher calorific value and burns 'hotter' than natural gas, making it a preferable energy source for industrial processes.

Cylinder Guide



  • Easigas and other LPG Suppliers that own cylinders, have adopted a general practice that allows end-users to exchange one brand of cylinder for another during a purchase.
  • This will be company owned cylinders provided with a deposit that is refundable upon the return of the cylinder.
  • Easigas supply and fills a range of LPG cylinder sizes from 9kg, 14kg, 19kg, 48kg, as well as forklift truck cylinders.
Easigas cylinders are not for sale, they remain the property of Easigas.
LPG industry Suppliers that own cylinders have adopted a general practice that allows end-users to exchange one brand of cylinder for another.
A customer without an empty cylinder, pays a deposit that is refundable upon return of the cylinder. In addition, they also pay for the LPG.
A customer in possession of an exchangeable cylinder, swops their cylinder and pays only for the LPG.
Easigas supplies LPG cylinders in sizes 9kg, 14kg, 19kg, and 48kg.
See below list of cylinders that can and cannot be exchanged in return for an Easigas cylinder.


Easigas Cylinders
  • Easigas
  • Reatile

Only Easigas can fill or refill an Easigas or Reatile cylinder. All Easigas and Reatile cylinders sold must have a shrink wrap on the valve bearing an Easigas logo with a unique serial number.

Other Oil Company Cylinder
Brands Acceptable for Exchange
  • Afrox
  • Autogas Afrox
  • Air Liquide
  • BP
  • Calgas/Caltex
  • Engen
  • EPG
  • Fedgas
  • Homegas
  • Indigas
  • Mobil Gas
  • Oryx
  • Solgas
  • Sonarep/Sonop
  • Totalgaz
  • Wasa

Cylinder sizes below 9kg are
not acceptable for exchange


Privately Owned Cylinders Not
Acceptable For Exchange
  • Includes: Cadac, Alva, Outback, Big Jim, Ref Chem, Hamwig , Totai, Pabar, Atlas Gas, Presto gas, Megamaster

Cylinder sizes below 9kg are
not acceptable for exchange

Unidentifiable and damaged cylinders are not acceptable for exchange and may not be refilled.
  • Corroded cylinders
  • Cylinders from fire
  • Cylinders missing foot rims, valves and valve guards
  • Cylinders that have been welded


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