Easigas Success Stories

Inspiring stories that attest to the impact of Skills Development

Dineo Malema

Human Resources

“In 2006, I commenced my journey at EASIGAS as a Services Administrator. After two years, I transitioned to the role of Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, and within another two years, I earned a well-deserved promotion to a position in the Human Resources department.

A few years later, when the company introduced the Employment Learnership Programme, I recognized it as an invaluable opportunity for self-development, and I seized it without hesitation. This program was open to all permanent employees looking to enhance their skills through education. I eagerly enrolled in a Human Resources Management degree program.

The journey was undeniably challenging, with the primary hurdle being the delicate balance between the demands of work, family life, and rigorous academic study. Nevertheless, my unwavering determination and strong commitment to my goals propelled me forward, ultimately culminating in the successful attainment of my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management in 2020.”