Easigas Success Stories

Inspiring stories that attest to the impact of Skills Development

Leonard Siko

Depot Supervisor

“I commenced my journey at EASIGAS in April 2011 as a plant operator in a permanent role. During my tenure, I actively participated in various learning programs generously provided by EASIGAS to all permanent staff. My dedication led me to pursue a Business Administration course, which subsequently opened doors for me to apply for the Depot Administrator’s role. I was honoured to be appointed as the Senior Depot Administrator. In 2017, an exciting opportunity arose when a Depot Supervisor position became available at our Nigel depot. I eagerly applied and successfully secured the position, resulting in my promotion to Depot Supervisor at the Nigel location. Presently, I am pursuing a Generic Management course offered by EASIGAS, and I am optimistic that this additional training will unlock further avenues for career growth and advancement.”