Easigas Success Stories

Inspiring stories that attest to the impact of Skills Development

Mothupi Oanyane

Regional Sales Manager

“I embarked on my journey with EASIGAS in 2009 through the prestigious Shell Graduate program. This comprehensive recruitment process spanned numerous tertiary institutions across the country, selecting promising candidates to be placed in various Shell business units. The program was designed to provide a holistic experience, allowing participants to explore two or three distinct roles within the company. Each role presented a wide array of challenging responsibilities and offered invaluable mentoring and coaching to oversee our professional development. This enriching program spanned three years.

However, in 2010, EASIGAS underwent a change in ownership when it was acquired by Rubis Energies, marking the end of the graduate program specifically for EASIGAS. Without delay, I transitioned into the role of Platform Supervisor at the Alberton Depot.

Assuming the position of Platform Supervisor in October 2010 provided me with an exceptional opportunity to delve into the core operations of EASIGAS’ packed business. I am deeply appreciative of the mentorship and coaching I received from various managers within the organization during this period. Being relatively new to the workforce, I continued to acquire valuable insights from the dedicated staff at the Alberton depot and the head office. Moreover, this role introduced me to numerous external service providers on the technical side, responsible for servicing and maintaining depot equipment and machinery. It also allowed me to interact with some of our customers directly, as the depot had a close working relationship with major distributors operating from our facilities.

In 2013, I transitioned to the role of Territory Sales Manager (TSM) and joined a highly experienced sales team. The support and guidance I received during this phase were abundant, coinciding with a transformative period for the organization as it charted a new course. Gradually, I expanded my skills and capabilities within the TSM role, culminating in my promotion to the position of Regional Sales Manager in 2017, which is my current role.”